AME course over what is next?

What is next after Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course? Are you still confused? You did a professional course which is having great value in the aviation industry. So your thoughts must be wise. Here I can suggest some ideas which may or may not be useful to you. The final decision is yours what to have in your life.

If you are decided to have a career in aviation, go for it. Did you complete your course successfully with on job training? Well that’s not the end for this scenario of career. You need to travel a lot to achieve your goal. So you just beginners now, ok good, prepare an aim to succeed with your career.

Have you cleared dgca AME license papers up to 3? If not try to clear all those papers which is very important for AME students to have a good career in the industry. Since the exam is only in three sessions, don’t miss a chance to write the exam and pass the papers. Till that time, you can do some correspondence courses, or do some other works related to the Aviation field like Instructor AMEs, Lab in charge, some airport job like Airport marshalling, Aviation documentation or any jobs in airline industry...So you can earn something at the same time; pass the AME License papers exams and attend airlines interviews when there is any job opening. In the other hand, if you are getting apprentice training in some airline MROs, you just extend the training till you get some experience, what the industry required now. When you attain certain experience, the aviation organization itself absorbs you for the job if you are skilled enough. Your job in that industry will be the same job in training you did. So you can easily be the part of the organization and the aviation industry as a technician or maintenance personnel, hence you achieved your job and training simultaneously.

These are my suggestions for you; if you are having your own views let me know that, may be it can guide others who are searching for this topic. However, god is having some plans on you. Nothing can change that, how hard you try. So let the things happen as he wishes. But don’t let your hopes down...go for it.

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