AME Students More than Required for Job

Considering the AME institutions in India, there are more no. students completing the course every year. In India there are more than 77 institutes offering AME course. In that each institutes providing training for 30 students in one batch, and it will go up to 6 or 9 batches. So there will be more than 180 AME students completing the course from one institute that is from 77 institutes it will come up to 13860 AME students every year.

There are approximately 184 airports and 25 maintenance bases in India. How can they occupy this much AME students who are completing the AME course? One thing the AME is neither a degree nor diploma. So the students can’t go for further studies or any other degree related jobs. So before selecting AME course ensures that you have some people who are working inside the industry. Otherwise it will be harder to get into the field.
AME Students More than Required for Job AME Students More than Required for Job Reviewed by Jackson Jacob on 3:05:00 PM Rating: 5
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