5 Tips to get AME OJT

Here I wish to discuss about five useful tips that can help you out to get AME OJT. If you follow these tips, there will be chances to get this done. Even though these are simple steps that you may know, don’t take it as simple one because its really worth full.

1. Prepare a Good Resume and Cover letter. This is the basic thing and very useful factor if we consider a job. You must prepare it your own and don’t forget to add necessary details.

2. Have Contacts with Aviation People or Friends inside Aviation Industry. These contacts can be made through social networks, like facebook, twitter, orkut or websites like amevoice.com, linkedin etc.

3. Visit Airlines Career pages, job portals etc to know about vacancies. Ensure that these vacancies are genuine and match for your eligibility criteria. Also make an enquiry about the job posted.

4. Obtain aviation organization addresses and enquire them for OJT. You can get the address through their websites or with the help from your mates who are already in.

5. Send your cover letter, resume, and all other documents through post, or email and check that if they have delivered the same through contacting them.

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