Helicopter Marshaling Signals Guide

This is the Helicopter marshalling hand signals performed by an approved marshaller in the aviation organization. The various signals can be identified from the pictures given in left side of the page.

1. Landing Direction

Stand in side put the right hand showing landing direction of the Helicopter. Move the hand from bottom to center as shown in picture. 

2. Engaging Rotor

Left hand in the top left direction and right hand in twisting form, observe the picture given left side.

3. Start Engine

Rotate the right hand in anti clock wise pointing the left hand towards top left.

4. Go Down

Its shows go down by placing both the hand in down together parallel to the ground. 

5. Go Up

This shows go up by rising the both the hands up as shown in picture  

6. Move Forward

Calling hands towards the marshaller shows Move forward. 

7. Move Back

Moving both the hands towards the front side shows to move the helicopter backwards. 

8. Move Left

Placing both the hands towards left shows Move left 

9. Move Right

Moving both hands towards right shows Move right

10. Stop Rotor

Placing hands in parallel to the ground and taken back to the shoulder side shows Stop Rotor. 

11. Swing Tail to Left

Moving left hand towards right one time and right hand towards left two times shows Swing tail to left 

12. Swing Tail to Right

Moving right hand one time to left side and left hand two times to right show Swing tail to right 

13. Take Off

Showing lright hand rotating clock wise top of head 

14. Stop

Moving both hands towards front side showing the palm shows stop the helicopter
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