Can I get Bsc AME after AME Course?

No, you won’t get Bsc degree after AME. It is neither degree nor diploma course. It’s just a three year licensing course in which you have to write the license papers each year to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Any engineering graduates like B tech electrical, electronics, mechanical can write this license exam if they got 2 years of Aviation training GET scheme (Graduates Engineers Training). Same way Air force retired people who got relevant stream experience can write the same license exams to be a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. DME’s (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering) also have opportunities in Aviation industry as Mechanic/Technicians Jobs. 

Once there was a rumor that Singhaniya University is giving Bsc for AME students after completion of the AME course. They mentioned that those who are completed 3 years AME course can undergo 6 months course under this university can get Bsc in AME and for 1 Year course can get B tech….But I don’t think it’s approved either by DGCA or Central government, ( NAAC, UGC approval). So this is going to be confused among the AME students that by spending some money will they get Degree. This thoughts arising due to the thirst for further study option for AME and also the jobless condition arises due to the crisis in the Aviation Industry.

However if you are looking for a degree while doing AME course, its better to join some distant degree programs with AME studies and you will get degree at the same time you finish the AME course. If you are not joined AME course yet and your passion is to be in Aviation industry, then it’s better to do B tech/Bsc in AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Science) so that you will get a degree and can be in Aviation industry with some AME OJT ( On Job Training) from Aviation Industry.
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