Calling for AME OJT/AME Jobs? Pay 70,000 Rs

“Are you looking for AME OJT or AME Jobs? What is your experience?......” The AME jobs agent asked me…This is one of the AME student’s experiences and I got this email he shared with me. He even posted this in his youtube videos. I was laughing seeing this video. Have a look at this video embed here. There are many videos that are getting posted in this AME related subjects in youtube and they are shocking to see. Anyways if you have anything like this to share with your AME colleagues, you can send me and I will upload/post it here in your own name if you want. 

 As an AME student if you are calling these kinds of people, please don’t completely believe what they say. They may cheat you and you have to be very careful to avoid this. If the vacancy is genuine it will get published in that Aviation Company’s website or news paper. Other back door vacancies are required to pay some huge amount of money and you need to be very careful while dealing with these people. They will tell you, “You need pay only advance first, balance after getting call letter. This is a kind of cheating that you may not be getting the call letter or the money have you paid to them as advance. So be careful to avoid this and let’s try to stop corruption by not being corrupted.
Calling for AME OJT/AME Jobs? Pay 70,000 Rs Calling for AME OJT/AME Jobs? Pay 70,000 Rs Reviewed by Jachoose on 7:15:00 PM Rating: 5
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