If AME students United in India

Have you ever thought about the old saying "Unity is strength"? Here if all these AME students united together, they can build an Aviation Organization with one or two chartered flights operations in India. This is easy to say and dream that you may think, but it is possible if you have will.

Our country India is having 77 approved AME institutes; say for example 30 students passed out each semester at lowest. So it’s come around 2310 students in one sem and 4620 students in a year. Actually our AME institutes have 3-9 batches pass out each sem with 30 students...then think how many students get passed out now? Average 13,860 AME students a year simply went out with no jobs. If these students get united and spend just 1000 Rs. each, what will be the total amount? 1,38,60,000 Rs. This amount is just from 1 year pass out students. How many pass outs from early 20 years back? Can you imagine the amount now? This can contribute to the New Aviation Organization/MRO with 2/3 flight operations. All those AME Freshers can get training with job and those who are contributed can get share profits from the organization.

This will be wonderful if everybody thinks like me, and not only in this field, every field if people get united, nothing can stop them. We can hope there will be a good future for Aviation industry in our country and more AME students can get the job as they wish.
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