Scope of AME course in Indian Aviation

AME Job is a highly paid job with great responsibilities. However, to get this job in hand is much difficult. Need to pass 4 license papers with good aviation experience and knowledge about aircrafts. AMEs are certifying flights fit for flying and pilot accept flights to take off only with his approval.

This much responsible job but very rarely people get accommodated. Mostly the engineers are from air force, as they have got up to 20years of experience and clear the license papers while service periods or later after retirements. And after Air force people, there comes the engineering graduates who earn experience from airline industries by the GET apprentice training programs and passing the AME license exams.

Third and most rarely the real AME students placed as AMEs as they don’t get any opportunity to train under airline companies unlike engg graduates as they got engg degree. This is a critical situation for AME students, as they have got competitors like both air force people and degree/diploma holders.

So i conclude that the scope of AME is highly demanding, but doing special course like AME won’t give you much opportunity in aviation industry. Aviation industry needed qualified people with good experience and skills. And to get experience you need qualification, not AME education but a university engg graduation.

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