AME Course and Job Success Story

This is my success story after doing AME course from a reputed college south India. After AME ab-initio course, i was looking around for AME OJT and went so many places for a chance. I asked my mates, relatives, and some politicians to get training. That time i heard about a back door job opportunity in Jet ariways, and i went for enquiry. They asked me to pay some amount of money to get the training plus job. First six months will be training without any payment and after that paid internship. I was happy and satisfied with their agreement.

I paid the money and after 15 days i got call letter for joining. Even it is back door, i found it is helpful because most of the training these days need initial payment without any paid intern. I went for the training and managed six months there. After that month onward i got paid but the works and responsibility was so hard. Also the salary was less that time, i hardly managed the expense in that big city. I was worried about my family because they are spending a lot for my AME course and Job.

My intentions were pure, and i found myself in a demanding position after 1 year job in jet. I got contacts there, and one of my colleague told me about job opportunities abroad after getting 2 more year experience. One day a senior officer who came from abroad talked to me about his need for an assistant tech. I was so happy but they need 3 years experienced person in Structures. I told my senior supervisor and he helped me to gain 3 year experience certificates and log book entries.

I send my resume with complete certificates attached to the person who give me his contact details. He was ready to accept me but the company has got some formalities. When they received my certificates, they asked me to appear an interview Dubai. I went Dubai after getting a visitor’s visa and i got selected. The interview was straight forward and questions were more personal and technical. They need a person who can do some responsible jobs within time limits. I have the experience in that category because in Jet i was fully a workaholic.

I came back home after the interview as my visa was tourist visa. Then i applied for job visa. In 2010 i joined the company. Now its 5 years still i am working there as assistant tech, supervisor and now senior supervisor. We are doing structural maintenance of Heavy Aircraft. I am so happy and satisfied with my profession in Aviation Industry. My advice for you is that, “Never stop trying and one day you will get all what you need”. This is a very good profession those who are passionate in Aviation Industry and Aircraft.
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