No Aircraft Maintenance Employment?

Aircraft maintenance engineering which is a licensing course or we can say a certificate course of 3 years. The only hope for the candidates are either to complete the training with a good experience in the aviation industry or clear the BAMEL Papers to get a good job as a technician. After join as a technician in an aircraft maintenance companies, with much experience you can go for the 4th AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) license exam which is very crucial for to become a licensed engineer. You can select the categories in which the aircraft maintenance companies prefer for. Till the time you need to serve as an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) technician in the aircraft maintenance companies. If you are not clearing the papers too you can get an opportunity to become the senior technician/ supervisor with the rank you gained in the aircraft maintenance companies by considering the experience and skills. But if you want to get a high paying aircraft maintenance salary and respect you should go for AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) licenses.

Here there is also a chance for the people who are completed the engineering degree to become an aircraft mechanic or engineer after completing two years of training from the aviation organization. This is a great opportunity for those people who wish to work in the industry. But this is not a good thing for those who are completed AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) course, since he/she joined the course after his/her higher secondary studies, his/her educational qualification may be only plus two/HSC. After completion of the course, he/she may have only course completion certificate and six months OJT experience certificate. But if we consider the engineering graduate, he/she will be having engineering degree which reflects a good educational qualification for him/her, comparing to an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) fresher. So that the aircraft maintenance companies will more consider the person who has the engineering degree.

 The thing is, AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) fresher in meant for the aviation industry only, he cannot work or get further education with this AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) course completion. From this I am concluding that either the dgca/central government to consider this three years aviation training as aviation degree/diploma course and give more consideration for the AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) fresher in aviation organization to work and get the experience. This will give more chances for the AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) candidates to avail the experience and thereby more aviation employment opportunities for them. Otherwise studying this AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) course will be three years wastage.

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