DGCA Question Paper 3 JE

1. Blade is an angle formed by a line perpendicular to the propeller shaft and line formed by the
(a)    Relative wind
(b)   Apparent wind
(c)    Chord of the blade
(d)   Blade face

2. Thrust produced by a rotating propeller is a result of
(a)    Propeller slippage
(b)   An area of low pressure behind the propeller
(c)    An area of decreased pressure immediately in front of the pressure blades
(d)   The angle of relative wind and rotational velocity wind and rotational velocity of the propeller

3. Propeller blade station number increase from
(a)    Huh to tip
(b)   Tip to hule
(c)    Leading edge to aft edge
(d)   Aft edge of leading edge

4. It should have high specific gravity
(a)    Low pan point

5. Velocity index should be high. High freezing point – at a cold atm the water contents in the fuel in having tendency to form in a ice crystal

6. It should be filtered to jet engine
(a)    It should have low carbon content after burning the fuel

7. In twin spool engine, with constant N2, compressor inlet temperature is decreasing then
(a)    N2 changes
(b)   Fuel flow increases
(c)    N1 decreases
(d)   The ratio N1 is maintained constant

8. The thrust developed by high bypass ratio engine is
(a)    Indicated by EGT
(b)    Indicated by N2
(c)    Proportional fan speed
(d)    Not affected by ambient conditions

9. Perceived noise decibel (PNDB) level is low in case of
(a)    Pure jets without noise suppressor
(b)   Straight jet with noise suppressor
(c)    Low by pass jets
(d)   High by pass jets with acoustic panel

10.  Ignitor plug spark is due to
(a)    High frequency
(b)   High input current
(c)    Discharge (storage) capacitor
(d)   DC voltage

11. In a ‘hot tank’ oil system
(a)    Oil cooler is not provided
(b)   Oil is stored in a separate tank
(c)    Oil is at high temp in the tank
(d)   De-aerator effect is very slow

12. If jet velocity and mass flow is constant for a jet engine then thrust
(a)    Is maximum when aircraft speed is minimum
(b)   Is maximum when aircraft speed is maximum
(c)    Is more when jet velocity and inlet velocity are equal
(d)   Is always constant

13.  Water injection systems are provides for the jet engine for the thrust augmentation the thrust augmentation for water injection can be caused and by two methods.
(a)    By adding or injecting water at the compressor inlet
(b)   By adding or injecting water at the differ section  

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