Aircraft Maintenance Jobs description

Aircraft maintenance trainees will assist the following maintenance activities carried on the aircraft and record in their log book.


  • Install the wheels chocks.
  • Install the nose landing gear and the main landing gear ground lock safety devices (if the halt is more than 2 hrs)
  • If the aircraft towing is required, place the following lever in the “towing position” and install pin in the electrical control box.
  • Review aircraft technical log and take corrective actions as necessary.
  • Add mobile Jet II oil to the oil tank as necessary and record uplift in the technical log.


  • Obtain water free sample from the fuel tanker/pump unit before start refueling.
  • Refuel aircraft up to the required dispatch quality and record uplift/content in the aircraft tech log
  • Make sure that the refuel coupling caps are in place and secured
  • Make sure that the drip sticks are retracted and secured.

Water or Waste servicing

  • Service the potable water system as necessary
  • Service the toilet waste tank as necessary

External checks

  • Do aircraft walk around to make sure that there are no external damages to the aircraft structure or components.
  • Check for fluid leaks, missing or loose parts, oxygen over pressure discharge disc and obstruction to the inlets/outlets.
  • Check the engine intake and blades for FOD (foreign objects damage)
  • Ensure that the control surfaces match with the physical position of the control levers before energizing the electrical network.
  • If transit is more than 1 hour shut down APU and connect GPU
  • If ECAM ENG OIL OTY LO level advisory is reported, check engine oil quantity within a period of 5-30 min after engine shutdown visually on the oil tank sight gauge.
  • Do a check of the landing gears and make sure that NLG and MLG shock absorber inflation id normal.
  • Do a check of the tyres for proper inflation and signs of damage.
  • Check wear indicator of heat packs make sure the water indicators are within limits (park brake applied)
  • Do a check on the brake units for signs of fluid leaks.
  • Install protective covers on the aircraft if halt is more than 2 hrs

Passenger compartment

  • Make sure that the passenger compartment including lavatories and galleys is in clean and presentable condition.

Final items

  • Remove the protective covers/safety device from the aircraft (if installed)
  • Remove the nose LG and the MLG ground lock safety devices (if installed)
  • Check and record corrective actions in the aircraft tech log
  • Ensure that there is no FOD in the engine intake and the cowls are properly closed and latched.
  • Ensure all the panels and the doors are closed.
  • Do a final walk around before the push back and ensure no damage is caused by ground equipment
  • Disconnect GPU after electrical power is being supplied by APU after informing the cockpit crew
  • Before starts of the push back, ensure that the TOWN PIN is in position and chock are removed and parking brakes are off.

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