Stop AME course status update in Facebook

The AME students are so much worried about the AME course and some are posting to stop AME course in facebook social community website. This is because of the jobless condition of the AME candidates after completion of the course. They are not able to go for any other job with this AME course and really suffer.

If they stopped AME course, the rest of the people can escape from this burden. Social community sites can easily convey the message to every friends and thereby people will come to know about this condition. This is shame things for AMEs however they want to help others not letting them into trouble.

Those who are got hold in the industry are getting jobs and other are still waiting for the profession. They still hope for the job and writing dgca papers. There are approximately 77 AME institutes are there. From these institutes each semester pass outs is more than 30 AME students. This many students can’t occupy by the countries aviation organizations. So they are not getting training itself. After training also it’s hard to get the job, because there are enough people to work in the industry.
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