AMEs not getting any other job

Recently one of my friends called me for ground staff interview in New Delhi. He is completed AME course with OJT and searching for job in aviation industry. Since he doesn’t have any papers he just wants a job in aviation industry. This is what the reason he chooses for ground staff post. Ground staff requirement is only plus two or graduation is enough. He went to Delhi for the interview, and the interview was conducted. The interviewer only asked for his educational qualification and he said, it’s AME. Alas! The interviewer said good bye to him. 

This is because they don’t want AMEs for the ground staff position. They think that AMEs quit the job after 2, 3 months when they get other jobs in aviation industry. They don’t want that, they need a person who works for their company for some years. Also AME course is not regarded as degree of diploma is another difficulty for AME students not able to apply for any other civil service exams. They are not able to study further and not getting any educational qualification. This is the reason they can’t go for any other jobs except in aviation industry with this AME course.

One of my friend told me that he is not getting selection in call centers too since he told them the qualification of AME. So he lied in another firm that he is only have plus two and got the job easily. This is the situation for the AME candidates. They also need to clear the license papers in order to get the OJT also these days. Then there is no need for questioning about the AME job thing.
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