Low AME voice in Industry after AME Course

In the opinion of Aviation professionals who are working inside the industry, doing AME course is a total wastage of time and money. Many students actually don’t know what is AME course and joining the course with the advertisements given by the AME colleges. The admission agents of these colleges are well trained to make the students believe that this course is something which earns them the top most profession with high paid salary. Some institutes say, after AME course during the training period itself the trainee will be getting 5 digit salary. The funny thing is that, they don’t even know, what AMEs do and what they actually getting from the industry. They want students for the institution. The ultimate thing is education has become a business. So before joining for this course you must be very careful. If you don’t have enough money, no hold in aviation industry, please don’t do this course. However, if you struggle hard, you will get the result. You have to pass all the licenses paper, get experience through training etc. can make you active in the industry. So be confident and enter into the aviation field, if you’re fully prepared to face the difficulties. 

Aviation industry certainly required AMEs, without them an aircraft can’t be certified to fly. So how can we say that AME course is a waste? Certainly not. Because, many people are working in airlines with AME course completion. They got that job after suffering a lot and hard work. Some people who have money and hold, they could easily enter through back doors. Most of the people working in airline companies are from Air force. They easily get the aviation experience after working in air force up to 20 years service. After that they come out with retirement in the age of 35 or above. In this age, with this that much aviation experience, it’s easy to get job inside the civil aviation industry. So there is no chance for AME fresher’s considering the air force people. If any chance is there, then the aero engineers, mechanic diploma holders, b tech engineers etc. come for the Aviation jobs by gaining 1-2 year aviation industry training. Considering an AME student with a B tech degree holder for the same profession, who will get the priority? AME is neither degree nor diploma, so the industry consider the engineering graduate for the job. So the chances for AME fresher students come last. This is the condition today. To get change in the condition, there are three solutions:-

  1. Consider and convert this AME course to Engineering Degree or Diploma. 
  2. Increase the airlines operations, and thereby increase the maintenance services to invite new job vacancies. 
  3. Give more priority to AME students in civil aircraft maintenance services and avoid engineering graduates for technical jobs in aviation industry.
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