AME Colleges Providing BBA degree with AME course

As the students are suffering without a degree after AME course, AME colleges are giving BBA degree as a distant education with the course. So that when they complete three years AME training from institute they will be getting BBA degree also. This is a good opportunity for those who are studying AME course as they have blessed with some graduation offer. But for the students who are already studies AME course, who doesn’t get this degree are suffering now for higher studies.

As the AME is not considered degree, AME completed students who are looking for Aviation Jobs, other jobs etc. are struggling hard. They need to undergo for distant course in order to get a degree. Again they need to spend three or four years as distant to get a proper educational qualification. This is very critical situation for AME pass outs who doesn’t have a degree. For any jobs, including Aviation industry looking for qualified candidates. Qualification in the sense of education and experience. So in the case of AME students, they have the education but no proper qualification. They need to get training and experience in order to get a job in Aviation industry. With AME course they can’t go for any other job, even a BPO job required plus two students, but they won’t even consider AME students as they have completed a professional job oriented course. They fear that, these AME students’ will no longer working if they get some training or job in Airline industry. So they are not considering AME’s, not only them not even any other employers.

So these people who bring out BBA degree for AME students while doing the course did a better job. At least those students will get the degree with AME course. This will help them for higher studies or to get some job other than Aviation. Considering both the courses, as you did BBA you are lucky else you may suffer like 1000 of AME students who don’t have even a graduation and Job!
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