AME Jobs after AME OJT

You enter into aviation jobs after completion AME OJT from some of the airline industries. This training will be for six months and after that you may get chances to be in the industry to get more experiences. AME Jobs can be get with these experiences and on job trainings. If you have enough experience only the organization will recruit you. Otherwise it is hard to be in aviation industry. To continue as a technician you need more experience than as an AME trainee. After AME training period, you have to work as an AME technician and that may be paid job or may not be. However you should gain some experience to get the job in your hand. Even if you have the job, but payment is less, just hang on till you achieve some log book entry’s and hands on experience with confidence.

While some aviation industries looking for human resources, they prefer experiences people rather than fresher’s and qualified people. So if you have enough experience, even if don’t have license papers cleared, you will get the job as you are experienced and fit for the job. So don’t think like you don’t get job without license papers cleared. There are many people working in airline industries without any AME license papers cleared since they got enough experiences. You will also can get this job by getting experience. If you have experience you can also try to clear the license papers at the same time and this will give advantages to get job easily with experiences. So don’t stop writing AME license exams if you wish to continue in the profession.

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