AME's Career Only in Aviation Industry

If you are planning to do Aircraft Maintenance engineering, your primary aim must to be an Aviation professional. Since you chose the career to be inside aviation industry it’s a great choice. But if you want to do further studies and need other sectors of job prospectus, in that case AME course may not be a great choice. You need ab-initio training of AME course from the DGCA approved institute as well as much experience to work in the Aviation industry. So that, if you want to build good career inside aviation industry gain experience as well as knowledge. 

Now, if you choose a different course of engineering other than AME course, you also have the chances to be in aviation industry. You must be an Engineering Graduate or Diploma holder, in other case, you can be a retired Air force person who has got 20 years or above experience from the same field. So in my view AME course is only for those who have aimed for aviation only as their career choice. Because, those who done AME course, can’t work in any other fields than Aviation industry. Their world is limited under aviation industry unlike other graduate engineers. AME course itself not considered as degree of diploma in India, so that student can’t go further studies nor jobs other than Aviation.
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