Studying AME course, I feel like a looser

When I think about the time I spend for studying AME course, I feel like a looser. Even though I completed the course with two license papers cleared I still don’t understand why I could not survive in the aviation industry. Later I found that, aviation industry welcome only the people who are experienced and have full support or by some luck. I was not having any of these fortunes after completion of the course. I tried hard for the six months On Job Training and finally done this in the college itself where I studied AME course. After getting the course completion, I went to Mumbai looking for some aviation jobs or training whatever I can do with AME certificate. Unfortunately all doors in front of me was shut as I am not having the experience or support.

Today I am standing somewhere leaving the AME burden, but still some nightmares comes in form of friend’s chats or call asking if I am working in the aviation industry. It’s very hard to say about AME course from my life experience and similar will be yours or even worse. Whatever it may be, life has to move on. So just doing a job which I found entirely different from aviation industry. However I am happy that I have some aviation experience which I can share with my kids afterwards.

My advice from my on life is, “look before you lean” and it’s true. We have all the facilities, social Medias, networks, www, just make a research of the things you wanted to achieve or know. Get the information about your dream for the future. Because there are people like me who may have some similar stories to tell you about your dream which we have experienced before you. So it will give you an idea whether to lean or not. Don’t lose hope, be positive because god have some plans on you.

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