AME with Degree advantage

AME is neither coming under degree or diploma, but if you wish to take graduation you can do it in correspodance with the AME course. I will suggest you, it will be good idea if you do it like that. Because it can be add as your educational qualification additional to this professional course. So that when you are completiing the AME course, you will get 3 years degree at the same time wit AME certificate.

Try to take degree on the subject which will be easy and valuable for you. So that in future you can go for the further studies. With the AME qualification you cant go for any further studies and any other jobs in aviation. But dont think that this course is nothing worth, because it deals only with the Maintenance of Aircrafts, Repair, overhaul etc. Since it is a licence based course no other person cant do the job without undertaking the course and experience in the field etc.

We can take many licenses with experience in the field, is the main feature of this course comparing to any other kind of engineering courses. With each increase in the number of licenses, you will be getting more salary and job opportunities in the industry. Try to get all those licenses to earn a better income. However experience is a must in the industry. As the aviation industry is developing, job opportunities are also increasing. So better learn the things and get experienced in the field, you can also become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a good hard work and experience with all 4 licensees cleared. Good luck.
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