Growth of Aviation

ICAO predicted about a decade ago that Asia in particular India and china will dominated in the growth of civil aviation in the future.This prediction has come true and civil aviation has been growing by leaps and bounds in India. The aircraft movements in the past five years have shown an increase at the rate of about 17% reaching 979000 landing or take off per in 2006-07 from Indian airports.

The passenger traffic has grown by 22% cargo by about 10% in last two years. Even at a much lower rate of growth, the passenger traffic is estimated to grow from the present 90 million/ year to 313 million per year by 2015 and 605 million per year by 2020. The growth in passenger traffic and cargo and the open skypolicy have led to the growth of several new airlines both in public and private sector.

The population of transport aircraft (50 seater and above) has almost tripled from1995 to 2006 and is estimated to more than double by 2015 and perhaps tripled. Some forecasts indicate this to grow to about 2000 by 2020. The airline industry of India is expected to spend more than Rs.1,3,20,000 million by 2015 for purchase of passenger aircraft. There is also similar growth potential for small aircraft, corporate jets and helicopters.
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