Lack of trained technicians in composite repairs

The use of composite materials is gaining rapidly in the aviation industry because of its high strength and light weight structures. Presently, one of the most significant drawbacks to the use of composites is the lack of trained technicians who are able to effect acceptable repairs to damaged composites structures. Such repairs must be accomplished properly in order to restore the structural integrity of the damaged part. The techniques which are required to properly complete composite repairs are not commonly known.

Technicians, inspectors, maintenance managers, and critical maintenance personnel need to achieve a level of technical expertise to work on the advanced composite components. The emphasis of training should provide practical information that will familiarize the technician with common field repairs, tools, materials, and techniques. Upon completion of the training course, a technician should be able to easily translate the manufacturers instructions into airworthy repairs using skills and knowledge gained.

Composites represent new materials and techniques which must be mastered by those persons who want to stay in tune with the aviation industry. One of the best characteristics of the aviation industry is that it is always changing, always improving. As a result, it requires that the best people in the industry are also improving.

As more manufacturers equip their aircraft with composites parts, the need for trained aviation technicians to fabricate inspect and maintain these aircraft also increases. The avialability of trained technicians to provide airworthy repairs has not yet caught up with the industry demand.

Although anyone with an airframe license is authorised to perform a repair to a composite component, some specialised training is usually needed to ensure a complete and airworthy job. This training is of increasing significance because many advanced composite materials are being used to fabricate structural components and primary control surfaces.
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