Why my AME exam application rejected?

AME license examination application rejected? When the DGCA AME exams admitted list came you may wonder why your name is not there in the list. Suddenly you flip to the page of rejected list, oh my god…there lies your computer no. and name.

Do you think you have filled the application form correctly or something went wrong? Check the reason for your rejection. Then you will find out what the mistake you did. A little carelessness right, but missed a chance to write the exam. So now you need to wait for the next session to come. Be very careful while filling any kind of application forms which may greatly affect your life itself. However from mistakes only we learn the things properly. Though, there will not be any repetition of the same mistake again. Here I can help you to find out the common mistakes that is committed while filling your application form for dgca AME licence exam

The AME application forms are rejected mainly with the following reasons,

  1. Wrong DGCA AME exam computer number
  2. Wrong DD number in the application form
  3. Application not filled properly
  4. Appropriate Documents not attached
  5. Invalid Bank name
  6. Invalid Certificates and documents
  7. Application may not be forwarded by competenet authority
  8. No eligibility to write the exam as per CAR rules.
  9. Less than 35% marks in last two consecutive exams
  10. Application may not reached before last date mentioned

How to avoid AME application rejection? 

Some tips before filling the AME exam application form (CA9):

  • Before applying for the exam you must read the instructions provided by DGCA
  • Take a Xerox copy of the Application form
  • Fill the form with Pencil so that you can erase if any mistakes
  • Use ball pen to fill the form (Dont use ink flowing pen)
  • Check the Bank DD number very carefully. If you are not sure about the DD number, ask the bank personnel to give in writing the correct DD number you are taken.
  • Attach the copies of the Documents related with the exam and ensure it is attested.
  • Ensure that you are having eligibility and experience documents to write the particular category of exam. If you are not having the required documents, do not apply for exam.
  • Check the Envelop address is correct to send the application to the DGCA CEO
  • Try to send in registered post or by speed post, so that your application will reach as soon as possible in right hands without any delay or postal errors (very rare).

If you care about these things, next time your name will not be there in the rejection list of dgca exams. Good luck and prepare well for the exam.

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