AME fake Certificates and Experience Log Books

There are some incidents happened which are rarely get caught by the aviation authorities regarding the AME certificates. The AME candidates duplicating others AME certificates for writing AME licenses in their own names. Newspapers already reported incidents like, fake pilot licenses, mark lists etc. Same way AMEs also doing some illegal activities like changing their original certificates or making fake experience certificates to get job inside the industry. By giving some money the aviation staffs itself arrange the students with experience certificates, and log book entries.

This must be affecting the aviation industry very badly. The people who are originally qualified may not be getting the required post in the organization due to this. These people must severely punished and replace from the industry with qualified people. Corruption is there in every field, but this must not be supported in the aviation industry by the aviation people. There must be strict rules and checking for the certificates they are submitting at the time of job or AME examinations applications.
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