DGCA AME exam failures Increasing

Early times DGCA AME exams was very easy for the AME students since they put the questions repeatedly from previous question papers. Every student has got these question banks with them and they only study these materials. But now the condition is changed a lot. DGCA CEO started to put new questions and the old question papers no longer have any role in the examinations. The students need to refer the books thoroughly to pass the exam. These are no shortcut for these exams now a days.

Those who refer the books and study the things can pass the exam very easily. Some questions are really confusing with the options however the students need to choose the most appropriate answer. Since DGCA started to put new questions for the AME exams, the student felt uncomfortable, and the failure rate also increased. However those who close with subjects can pass the exam. DGCA is also going to adopt module system in the future examination, so it’s going to be tougher for the students to write each license papers. So it’s better to clear the license papers as early as possible.

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