Want A Job Always In Demand? Become an AME

Nowadays it’s hard to find a career that offers job security and is in demand. However, if you decide on the career path of an aircraft maintenance engineer, you will be doing just that. Planes cannot fly or function without the assistance of an aircraft maintenance engineer. So, not only are the passengers dependent upon you, but so is the entire airline and its employees. And despite the harsh economic climates, travelling via airlines is still in high demand.

While pilots and flight attendants often get all the attention with their jobs, the career of an aircraft maintenance engineer is often overlooked. Yet, this career is always in demand and has many benefits like stability, insurance and great pay. In this position you will also be faced with some of the most cutting-edge technology out there that will help you look over and check each aircraft before it's allowed to fly in the skies. Once you train in this position, you can pretty much pick and choose where in the world you want to work and for which airline due to the high demand.


Becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer is no easy task. You’ll need to take aviation courses that will deliver all the key training needed to work on these giant machines. You will also need to learn how to diagnose and fix any problems these planes may have. Once you finish your training, you will receive a license that can be used in many countries. For instance, if you train in Australia, that same license will be accepted in India, Canada and New Zealand. The majority of aircraft maintenance engineer positions are full-time ones that also pay above average earnings. Once your training is complete, the unemployment rate for this career is extremely low.


Some of the responsibilities of an aircraft maintenance engineer include testing, inspecting, dismantling, repairing and then putting the aircraft engine back together, as well as the electrical systems of the aircraft, its ancillary motors and engine. It will be your job to test all the communication equipment, handle the subassembly and assembly of the aircraft's frame, do pre-flight inspections, test the oxygen system in the aircraft and plenty more. Additionally, you will need to keep detailed records of everything you've done so a clear history of the aircraft is always available. The safety of everyone aboard, both the flight crew and the passengers relies on you and the work that you do.


There are a number of skills you should possess if you are looking to excel in this career. Some of the skills needed to excel are: excellent communication skills (both listening and speaking), excellent problem solving skills, an attention for detail, excellent time management skills, good decision making skills, and good hand-eye coordination, a knack for repairing and systems analysis and good reading comprehension.

This position is ideal for those looking to make a hands-on difference in the aviation field and ensure the safety of all.

Author : Bryan Ceguerra
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