Why AME institutes provide BBA with AME Course

From few years onwards, AME institutes started providing BBA as distant course with AME. But have you ever thought why this bridge in between? This is really interesting to know, with AME you will have BBA after three years course. This BBA course is a distant degree course and no wonder why they provide this with AME course as they just wanted to cover it up. Anything that sells under a nice package sells better, is the marketing slogan! So they wanted to attract the students to AME course as they think they can get AME with BBA degree. But students not thinking this, if they want BBA, they can have it in regular, so it provides more value than a distant xyz university. So think about it. This means you don’t take BBA while studying AME course, but you have to be wise while planning your career.

People may also think that, with this BBA degree they can study further if they are not getting any jobs after AME course. If it is like this, then why you need AME course? Do you want to spend three years in vain? In this three years you can do a better graduation and gain a valuable university degree. Now if you are worrying about gaining an aviation career, you have plenty many other options. I have already mentioned many other options in my earlier posts and I can suggest better options for genuine Aviation career. First thing you need is an aviation graduation and experience from an approved organization. If you are ready to spend some more money, you will have better future in aviation abroad than India. It is because, Indian aviation needs to be improved much more to accommodate all facilities and learning environments for fresher’s like you. And we have plenty of air force people (experienced) who are ready to serve after 20 years retirement as the age is not a limit here but experience is.

So I am concluding that, you can either choose AME or BBA course, and don’t go for BBA with AME course. As the institutes suggest it will nice to have AME and BBA together, you will fall down. They may say about 5 digit salary and further study options. Don’t believe those marketing evils, just think about your career goals and plans. Where you wanted to be in the next 5 years. Why you want thins course, what makes you happy and satisfied. Also think, am I fit for this job etc. Make sure, that you won’t waste your time, because time is money and you can’t even buy it!
Why AME institutes provide BBA with AME Course Why AME institutes provide BBA with AME Course Reviewed by Jackson Jacob on 8:08:00 AM Rating: 5
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